Monday, April 10, 2006

One of these days I'll find a way to earn a living by combining brie with banjos. Until then I guess I'll spend my time munching scotch eggs.

On a lighter note: here's hoping Murdoch, sorry, Berlusconi lost.


Blogger 2legs said...

Scotch eggs hey? Not a wholeley unsubstantiated choice for the consumer of edible foodsorts. However, and if one might be as so bold to even tempt to indicate at the merest hint of a potential counter-cross-indicative decry from uniformity in forethought, that there is much to be said or at least considered in the variation once possible when culniary diversion from that of the albeit most graciously great scotch egg is persued if not wholesale divergently, then at least in part as such to ann interlude as one might judge from the sole persuit of the scotch egg.

1:05 am  
Blogger Roymondo said...

I couldn't agree more. For me, the manifold indiscretion of the Kilted Ovum is one of its primary attractions. Nary passes the day of Tues without the Highland Faberge winking at me incestuously, even if only because it wants a cup of tea.

5:18 pm  
Blogger Mudhooks said...

In case you are interested... A really, really big Scotch egg:

Never having encountered one of these... er... um... "delicacies" I was trying to find a description to assist me. Can't say that it would be something I'd go out of my way for. The again, I'm usually not in the state which would render such things yummy... ;)

7:02 pm  
Blogger Roymondo said...

Mudhooks - that is more Caber-tossing Ovum than I dreamed was possible. I thank you.

12:59 am  
Blogger Terri said...

Ye gods, this is a seriously lingo confused site; it's in total bleeding franglais, but how wonderful to be able to say the favourite phrase in this house "merde, shit,bollocks!" without worrying about the Sodding Mods.

Anyway, Brie & Banjos is what life is about round here, so get your dear little bums across the water & come & freeze in my attic & meet Mario & Cyril, who run the local gay bar (along with Bridget, the Yorkshire terrier, who also serves as Mayor of Angoulême in her spare time)

Terri xxx

3:39 am  
Blogger Terri said...

Ye gods, it's worked!!!!

You lot have been responsible for us consuming aborted chickens at 5 am.

It's definitely all Your Fault 2legs.If he Gets Fat i will insist you suck the excess out, whichever way you choose. Lip ou Suction, it's up to you.

His vikingliness wolfed two soft cooked boiled eggs, i was more adventurous & made a Spanish omelette with mushyromms & leftover spuds, smothered it with HP sauce.

If this is "filthy food" thread; i may point out a viking observation that i certainly can't make on hootoo, but had me in stitches "OOOOhhhh LOOK at shallots, they come in pairs, let's call them bollocklots from now on.........WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh she's trying to chop them up, save me, save me!"


3:49 am  
Blogger 2legs said...

Hello Everyone! are we all here? I ate chicken tonight.... chicken thighs, two of them... I felel like I've eaten too much oooo isn't it great being able to say shit, and fuck and such like on here! ooo I luv th eword 'fuck'... fuck fuck fuck fuck .... oooo its a great word isn't it?

7:09 pm  
Blogger Roymondo said...

Bugger bugger fuck fuck. Well, isn't this lovely!

The thighs have it.

7:42 pm  
Blogger 2legs said...

fuck Fuck oooo lettuce hear it for the fucking chicken thighs! Fuck

8:09 pm  
Blogger echomikeromeo said...

Ooh, I love brie. Banjos are not quite as cool as brie, but certainly not bad.

Hmmm, fuck. It is kind of a nice word, and so versatile.

4:09 am  

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